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Исполнитель Дима Колдун

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Fly away

Light, I can't see it anymore.
Maybe I am blind.
There is fearfull sound somewhere in my mind.
I can't feel the ground,
Ages like a flight.
I am free and I am tired.
Blood, doctor is trying to bring me back,
My life is melting like snowflake.
Here I am, I'm watching you,
your eyes are full of tears.
There must be a way
And I don't want to stay
Wings are strong and our love will let me fly away.
My body is in front of me
But I don't wanna enter it.
Gonna live without.

And I wanna fly away from here,
Gonna leave this damned world,
I wanna fly away with you,
You'll see me crying in the broken skies.

I will fly away to the highest star
Heavy spirit of my freedom - all I've got.
Looking for the rain
Washing blood of hands.
I feel cold of ground and the embrace of the death.
My body is in front of me,
But I don't wanna enter it.
Gonna live without you.

I love you.

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